Family International Church Phuket

by Feb 25, 2020

Phuket International Church is a place for families of all sizes. Whether it’s just you on vacation for a short time, or just you for a long time. You are welcome and you belong! If you are a mixed family, with spouses of different nationalities and children from different times in your life, this place is for you. If your family has small kids, or big kids, or no kids Phuket International Church is the place where you belong.

We pride ourselves in being a place where we welcome everyone from every different place and ever different situation. We are looking to walk with people in their lives from where they are starting.

Remember, you don’t have to be perfect to come to church. In fact, no one in church is perfect. Far from it. We all need the love and joy that can only come from God and we want to invite you to be part of our family here at our International Church in Phuket.

If you don’t know where we are, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to guide you to our location. And also happy to speak with you about any needs you may have. Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about Phuket International Church.

Bless you and your family today and throughout the week. We hope to see you on Sunday at 10:00 am. If you’re late, that’s okay too, grab a coffee and come right in.