About Our Church

Phuket International Church is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual community of Christians living and visiting Phuket Island. We have a high view of the Word of God and desire to study the scriptures to know God more. We want to be filled and empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit. We focus on making disciples that make disciples. We welcome families and their children and assist those who are new to the island in building up new relationships and making friends.
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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

Phuket International Church is an inter-denominational church family made up of individuals from many different nations. We read of the first International Church in Acts 11 and 13, where the story is told of the church at Antioch. That church family was made up of Jews, who were expatriates in Antioch, Greek-speaking Syrians, the local people in the city, and Europeans and Asians who were the unreached peoples of the day. The Church was missional and it was international. They took seriously the command of Christ to make disciples.

Mission & Purpose

The mission of Phuket International Church is to make disciples who love God and love their neighbors [Matthew 22:37-40; 28:19,20]. We come together as a growing, constantly changing family, to be discipled by the Lord Jesus and to follow Him in His mission of making disciples who make disciples [2 Timothy 2:2].

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Our Beliefs & Values

We believe that God has revealed Himself to be the true and living God, perfect in love and righteous in all his ways; one in essence, existing eternally in the persons of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  God is to be worshipped and obeyed as the source and Lord of all life. 


We believe that God has revealed himself through his creation and through the events of redemptive history.  This history is fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word, who is made known to us by the Holy Spirit in sacred Scripture.  He came to reveal God to us and to provide a way for us to know God personally and have eternal life. 


We believe the Bible to be the inspired and trustworthy record of this divine self-disclosure.  As the inspired word of God, it is our only rule of faith and practice.  It is to be taught and preached so that its truth might be applied to all of life.


We believe that People were originally created innocent and pure, but that the first of these fell through the sin of disobedience so all people and all creation since have been separated from God and from each other and in need of reconciliation. 


We believe that God has graciously provided salvation through Jesus Christ who died on the cross as the substitutionary atonement for sin, and rose again from the dead to open the way to a new life.  All who place their complete life’s trust in Jesus Christ are saved from their fallen condition by God’s grace alone, apart from works or merit.

Holy Spirit

We believe that God’s Holy Spirit gives new and eternal spiritual life to all that receive Jesus Christ by faith.  The Holy Spirit indwells the believer, providing power and gifting for service and enabling a holy lifestyle.


We believe the kingdom of God has come to us in the person of Jesus Christ on earth and that He will return to earth to complete the establishment of God’s eternal reign over all creation.

Body of Christ

We believe that the Church, as the Body of Christ, is to represent the reign of God and to act as its agent and instrument in the world today.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams