International Church in Phuket

by Mar 7, 2020

Phuket International Church is a place where anyone can come and feel welcome.

We are so excited that Phuket is a place where so many international people come to vacation, visit and call home. It’s our desire to be a place where people can below. The truth is, so often we look for family and community in a new place and we find it in places that don’t build us up. We want to be a place where we can be your family, your community and we can build each other up.

International churches are places where people from any nationality can come and learn with other international people. Phuket is no different. With over 400,000 international people during high season and about 100,000 expats that choose to call Phuket home on a year-round basis this is a place where everyone can feel welcome and feel that they belong.

Thanks for choosing to look over our site and we would love to see you one Sunday when you are here. Or be the place that you choose to call home every Sunday and during the week for love and community.

Thanks for choosing Phuket and choosing us at Phuket International Church.