International Church Phuket

by Jan 1, 2020

Keep low, aim high.

A life lived in humility and obedience to the Father will take you where networking and self-promotion cannot.

Dan Skitch

Phuket, Thailand is home to over 400,000 ex-patriots from all over the world from December – May every year. With 100,000 of those people calling Phuket home all year round.

This is a place where people from China, India, Russia, America, Europe, Japan, Australia, and many of other countries from around the world call home.

Phuket is an open country for religion, which is different from many of other places around the world. There are some places were it is illegal to talk about God, give out reading material, or even change your religion if that’s what you would like to personally do.

Phuket is a place where international people can come to church and learn about Jesus in an open and honest way and be free to ask questions. There is no compulsion and also no judgement on people no matter their past life choices.

The truth is Jesus calls us to allow Him to lead our life and to choose to call Father God, our father as well. When we do the Bible says that our old live passes away and we are made new, into a new Creation.

This is why when we look at international people in Phuket who are looking for church and different ways to express their spirituality we invite them to come to Phuket International Church.