Why are we committed to an International Church in Phuket?

by Jan 1, 2020

We see the beginnings of the missionary churches as far back as Pentacost. These include; regional, local and international bodies of believers.  All are needed to reach the nations. The Acts 13:1-3 model is Jew and Gentile, privileged and persecuted, mentor and mentored, national and international reaching the nations. The potential of the diaspora collection inside the International Church around the globe is inspiring. God deposited a dream to catalyze the International Church toward unleashing the Great Commission.



We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus no matter where we are living. Whether that is in our national context, or if called has called us into a differnt part of the world than where we were born.

Often God will put desires in our hearts for other parts of the world and only after we arrive do we realize that God has called us to that place for Him, not for the desires that originally brought us to that place.