English Church in Phuket for All Nations

by Jan 1, 2023

Are you looking for an English-speaking church in Phuket? Look no further than Phuket International Church Phuket. We are a church of all nations, but our services are in English. We are thankful to have members from all nations of the world and thankful that they choose to worship with us in English and sometimes Thai.

PIC – Phuket International Chruch is a Christian congregation that meets in the English language and welcomes people of all walks of life. All nations to participate in Christian worship in an environment that strives to be diverse, inclusive, and unified. Its members speak both their native language and English as a second language.
By encouraging and supporting spiritual growth, community involvement, and service to others, our mission is to further the work that Jesus Christ started.

1) According to our belief, GOD has made Himself known to us through His creation, the Bible, and His Son, Jesus Christ.
God is the source and Lord of all life, and as such, he is to be worshipped and obeyed.

2) The BIBLE is the inspired, reliable Word of God. It is the most important tenant of our faith and way of life.
The Bible is to be taught and preached, with its teachings applied daily.

3) We hold that HUMAN BEINGS were initially innocent and pure but that the first of these fell through the sin of disobedience to God, separating all subsequent generations of human beings and all of creation from God.
Since everyone is naturally corrupt in body, soul, and spirit, they all need God’s forgiveness.

4) We hold that JESUS CHRIST is the only Son of God, who came to earth as God. He was equally divine and human.
He came to make God known to us and to offer us a way to get to know Him better and spend eternity with Him.

5) We hold that God has graciously made SALVATION available through Jesus Christ, who was crucified as a substitute for sin and rose from the dead to pave the way for eternal life with God.
Without human effort or merit, God’s grace alone can deliver anyone who trusts in Jesus Christ from their fallen state.

6) According to our beliefs, everyone who receives Jesus Christ by faith is given new and eternal spiritual life by the Holy Spirit of God.
The believer has the Holy Spirit within them, giving them the ability to serve others and lead holy lives.

7) We hold to the TRINITY or the idea that God is not one but three separate persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

8) We regard the local and universal CHURCH as the body of Christ.
We acknowledge that Christ gave the church the mandate to spread the good news and make disciples to all people.

9) We recognize that Christ’s command to love our neighbors is to serve the church and society.

10) According to our beliefs, the KINGDOM OF GOD has come to us in the person of Jesus Christ, and He will one day return to establish the earthly portion of God’s eternal rule over all of creation.